Sunday, 19 November 2017

Asgard Miniatures Dwarf Adventurer

NEXT up is another Asgard Miniatures sculpt from the ever-thickening mists of distant prehistory, or rather 1984 - this time 'DW1 Dwarf Adventurer' from, as with last week's Ninja, the talented hands of Jes Goodwin. I must confess that the '84 Asgard dwarf range, all by Mr. Goodwin, is one of my favourites (stunty-wise) from this or any other manufacturer, including as it does the iconic 'Black Dwarf' and 'Dwarf Lord'. These of course are all still in production and available from the redoutable folk at The Viking Forge. Today's subject is easily as iconic as those just mentioned: a doughty dwarven adventurer heavily laden with bedroll, satchel, helm and shield; we find him between battles as he cautiously wanders the dank, darkling corridors of some forgotten subterranean complex in search of glory and, much more importantly from a dwarven perspective, gold.

Originally I had intended a classic mid-blue/white colour scheme à la the late, lamented Wayne England's Imperial Dwarves, but upon finding that my venerable tub of Citadel Ultramarines Blue had completely curdled had to opt for the next best available option - an equally aged tub of Citadel Hawk Turquoise, which although becoming claggy was rendered serviceable by thinning. Although a compromise I'm actually rather pleased with how it turned out. As usual your views and comments are much appreciated - thanx for looking!


  1. Stunning brushwork Gareth. A true nordic looking fellow.BTW, I like the green algae effect on the base..... any tips on that effect?

    1. Thanx Mike! Re. the bases: If you use black primer, first attach model to base and spray/paint, then glue on aquarium sand and cat litter. Paint this with a white or grey primer then heavily thin the following colours down to create washes and apply in this order: purple, green, mid-grey, lightly drybrush light grey then finish with a v. dark grey wash. Hope this is of some help my good fellow!