Thursday, 9 November 2017

Asgard Miniatures Ninja

NEARLY two months appear to have elapsed since my last post, although I would like to make it clear that I have not been "hobby inactive" in this period; it's rather that I've been somewhat lazy about sharing my progress. As the title suggests, the focus of today's post is an Asgard Miniatures Ninja from their beloved Dungeon Adventurers range, catalogue # DA37. Of course Asgard will be familiar to most as being founded by HRH Bryan Ansell, along with the rather less infamous Steven Fitzwater and Paul Sulley, back in 1976 (the year in which Iceland famously broke off diplomatic relations with the UK over the escalating Cod War and, perhaps more importantly, the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time with Brotherhood of Man's 'Save Your Kisses for Me'). 

Sculptors included Ansell himself, who had previously produced models for Conquest Miniatures, along with Nick Bibby, Tony Ackland and later Jes Goodwin. They produced fantasy in both 25 and 15mm, historicals and a small but characterful sci-fi range, although it is interesting to note that many of their "25mm" miniatures were already suffering from a decided scale-creep and tower over, for instance, Ral Partha models from the same period! Ansell left in '78 to form Citadel Miniatures and Asgard gamely laboured on until dissolution in the mid-eighties. Currently The Viking Forge produce most of the fantasy range across the pond (flat-rate overseas postage of $23 - yikes!), whilst back in Blighty Alternative Armies own the entire range, but currently have only part of it in production (email 'em to ask why).  

Not sure whom sculpted our murderous martial artist, although I'm sure some of my astute readers will be able to remedy my ignorance. Of course the 'ninja' is a classic icon of eighties pop culture in general and so makes  not only a colourful addition to any band of 'murder-hobos', but one that also feels right in terms of period. Certainly in my rpg games he will make a most excellent thief and/or assassin (the latter of course being a thief sub-class in OD&D!) and this is probably where DA37 will find his niche in life! 

Catalogue scan, pinched from Lost Minis Wiki.

On another note I should like to take this opportunity to raise a toast to Mike, proprietor of 'Broadswords and Beasts' blog. One of the vintage models I have sought since going down the pre-slotta route is the saucy C01 Fighter depicted below, which I feel positively reeks of Moorcock and Howard. He has teasingly appeared on Ebay a number of time attached to an extortionate BiN and I had begun to give up hope of ever owning him when yesterday a slender parcel plopped through my letter-box, which upon opening I found to contain this elusive eldritch warrior. Mike is currently looking for Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds skeleton archers and crossbowmen and Hinchcliffe's FA16 Large Tree Man. If you can help with either, then please contact him at the aforementioned blog. Cheers, Mike - a scholar and a gentleman! 

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  1. Happy to help Gareth, although I won't hold you to your offer of marriage if I sent the figure.... I'm glad he will be loved instead of languishing unheeded in my lead pile. Many thanks for the plug for my wants list.... that Hinchliffe Treeman is proving elusive.I would guess the Ninja is a Nick Bibby sculpt, classic arm outstretched and small feet seem to have been his trademarks.
    all the best